Altona Kindergarten Philosophy

We are past, present and future children, families and educators who respect the First Peoples, past present and emerging in whose footsteps we now follow by respecting the land, sea and sky surrounding the kindergarten.

We acknowledge parents as first educators and their family culture, beliefs, values, individual needs and abilities.

We provide children the opportunity to develop their life learning skills through long periods of uninterrupted play, flexibility of an indoor/outdoor program, which encourages children’s risk taking and resilience.

We believe children learn best when their voices are heard and their rights are respected.

Our decision-making is based upon an emergent curriculum, which develops and extends children’s learning and supports families and educators interests, strengths and pedagogical practice.

Embedded in our curriculum is literacy, STEM, sustainabilty, creativity and social and emotional learning, developed through routine.

We appreciate the rich history of our local area. Our connections are far reaching and include visits to our local beach, schools, library, RSL, businesses, residents and a local Aged Care Facility.

With these reciprocal relationships, our sense of belonging as a community kindergarten is strengthened and nurtured, for children to become active participants in their community.