Altona Kindergarten Philosophy

Altona Kindergarten emphasises the importance of families, a welcoming, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and the richness of our environment and natural surroundings. We emphasise the important role the Centre plays in nurturing and educating the children in our care through the development of trust, security and caring relationships. Our philosophy is founded on the belief that each child is a unique individual and has the right to be nurtured and educated in a non-judgemental environment which celebrates and respects their individuality.

In relation to the Children – Altona Kindergarten will:

  • Offer a flexible play based program which emerges from the interests and questions of the children and is linked to The Early Years Learning Framework
  • Respect and celebrate children’s cultural background
  • Provide the resources and support enabling opportunities for discovery learning through self-selected activities, and encourage the development of children’s abilities to observe, perceive, explore, investigate, imagine, question, problem solve and take risk
  • Provide children with long periods of uninterrupted play to plan, build, rehearse, revise and practice the skills preparing them for a smooth transition to the next phase of their lives.

In relation to the Parents– Altona Kindergarten will:

  • Respect the uniqueness of each child which will be enhanced through a partnership between Kindergarten and Families
  • Remember families are children’s first and most influential educators
  • Remember outcomes are more likely to be achieved when early childhood educators work in partnership with families
  • Respect that families come from a diverse range of cultures with differing practices, values and beliefs
  • Value the contribution of families when developing the program and facilities.

The Staff will:

  • Undertake to implement the Kindergarten philosophy believing that a warm, relaxed atmosphere, created in a safe and secure environment, will be nurturing for children and reassuring for parents.