Our Kinder

About Altona Kindergarten

At Altona Kindergarten we recognise the importance of your child’s early years. To support early childhood development, we have created a stimulating and nurturing environment which encourages self-confidence, imagination and respect for others and the natural environment. We place a strong emphasis on understanding and embracing the diverse backgrounds of the families within our kindergarten. Cultural learning and celebrations are incorporated into our programs.

As a community-based kindergarten, we pride ourselves on our trusted partnerships with parents and families and we aim to improve and adapt our services to meet the changing needs of our community.

Our caring and professional early childhood educators will develop and adapt our programs to suit your child’s unique interests and abilities. Play-based learning is at the heart of our programs. We embrace children’s curiosity and use it to guide planned activities. Altona Kindergarten follows a healthy eating program. For lunch, we work with families to provide healthy meals that incorporate children’s culture and eating habits.