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October 8, 2018
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October 17, 2018

Recently at Kinder, we held a sock drive for Latitude, a local charity doing wonderful work within our community.

We put a call out to the kinder community for donations of new socks to be distributed to those in need. Well, the response was overwhelming, and we were able to donate many pairs to this great cause.

As a way of collecting the socks, the children made sock monsters. One happy sock monster (for the donations of new socks!) and one angry sock monster (for the donation of old socks to the kinder for craft activities).

The sock monsters were a huge hit and the children had plenty of fun decorating the boxes to resemble monsters.

The donations of old socks to the kinder were put to very good use, the children using them for sorting activities on our mini clothes lines as well as making their own sock monster puppets!

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